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Research Interests

I am a PhD student in Concordia University's Department of Education (Applied Linguistics) program in Tiohtiá:ke Tsi (Montréal), where I am training to become an applied critical sociophonologist. My research interests lie in understanding how dialectal variation is presented in the second language classroom and, more specifically, what cognitive mechanisms learners employ to perceive and acquire the many dialects found within the language they are trying to learn. Additionally, I am interested in how the mind develops categories of perception, and what role gamification might play in improving learners’ perceptions during language learning. My specific research interests are:

  • Perception (phonology) in additional language acquisition: Phonemic categorical perception, learning, and development

  • Additional language pedagogies based in plurilingual principles , which include dialectal variation of the target language

  • Cognition and learning via gamification methodologies

My PhD is being co-supervised by Laura Collins and Walcir Cardoso, with Norman Segalowitz as my final committee member.

2016: M.A. Applied Linguistics, Concordia University (my thesis was completed under the supervision of Dr. Cardoso)

2013: Graduate Diploma in Teaching English as a second language, McGill University

2012: Certificate in French and theoretical linguistic studies, Concordia University

2006: Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Political Science, University of Toronto 

I am also a member of:

News & Upcoming conferences

September 26-28, 2019: EducLang 2019 (Ottawa Ontario) Symposium accepted. “Addressing social inequity: Local and international perspectives on how to empower and support second language teachers and learners”