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Research Interests

I am a PhD student in Concordia University's Department of Education (Applied Linguistics) program in Tiohtiá:ke Tsi/Montreal, Quebec, where I am training to become a sociophonologist. My interest lies in understanding how learners perceive and acquire a second dialect in their second language--specifically, how phonemic categorical perception develops in the mind, and what role gamification might play in improving learner perception. More broadly, my research interests fall under the following categories:

  • Phonology in second language education

  • Categorical perception, learning, and development

  • Dialectal variation and perception in second language acquisition

  • Gamification and its effect on L2 perception

My PhD in Education is being co-supervised by Laura Collins and Walcir Cardoso, with Norman Segalowitz as my final committee member.

2016: M.A. Applied Linguistics, Concordia University (my thesis was completed under the supervision of Walcir Cardoso)

2013: Graduate Diploma in Teaching English as a second language, McGill University

2012: Certificate in French and theoretical linguistic studies, Concordia University

2006: Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Political Science, University of Toronto 

I am also a member of:

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