A picture is worth a thousand identities

"The camera is a temporary space—a portal with two facing doors, if you will.

The shutter click is the moment when both of those doors are open, and when Jackson gets to take a peek into someone else’s world.

“You’ve got people speaking different languages, different dialects of those languages, different religions.” He pauses and sincerely asks: “How do you get a society to work when you’ve got so many different identities taking space in it?”

As Jackson moves through different urban spaces and documents them one photographic still at a time, he finds himself with another lens in his tool kit, one of ethnography. Each city provides its own distinct narrative about how humans have moved through space; in turn, these spaces tell stories that knit a unique psychological tapestry of its inhabitants."


My entire entry can be read here: https://thelinknewspaper.ca/article/a-picture-worth-a-thousand-identities